Partnering for a safe, healthy, substance free community in Wakefield, Massachusetts

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Contact Info     Main Number: 339-219-4034

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Since July 2014, the Wake Up Youth Action Team Leaders (YATL’s) have been creating positive change in schools and in the community by “growing positive flowers” and “shrinking negative weeds”.


YATL’s work together and with their peers on projects such as: Sticker Shock at liquor stores, engaging Galvin students in how to be “Above the Influence”, inventing creative ways (“News Flush” & “Bathroom Buzz”) to get important health info and Youth Risk Behavior Survey data to Galvin and High School students, and presenting e-cigarette information to the 9th graders via health classes at WHS.  See the YAT Activities page for more.




Wakefield Youth Action Team Member Bios

  • Hi, my name is Kaia Carioli.  I enjoy running and am interested in biomedical engineering and government.
  • Hi, I’m Jared Hurley. I enjoy playing soccer, being a Diversity leader, and hope to major in accounting/finance.
  • Hi, I’m Tommy Lucey.  I enjoy running, playing sports, and hanging out with my friends.
  • Hi, I’m Kaitlyn Murphy.  I love dogs, ice cream and going skiing in New Hampshire with my family.
  • Hi, I’m Isabella Kehoe. I enjoy running, doing art, and traveling to explore new places.
  • Hi, I’m Billy Stevens.  I like to run, play instruments and I want to travel abroad.
  • Hi, I’s Liam Cosgrove. I enjoy playing football, listening to music, and exploring new activities.