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The Youth Action Team is a group of diverse teens whose main goal is to promote and sustain a positive and healthy life for Wakefield as a whole.

In the Community

Public Service Announcements

Whiteboard Vaping Demo
Say No Examples

Wakefield YAT is part of the statewide movement,,  of youth fighting for a tobacco-free generation.

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Galvin Club

Galvin Youth Action Team at movie night
galvin club

Above the Influence

Mason Parece Rachel Chanley
Galvin ATI bulletin board
Emily Flores

High School Club

HS club
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health class

WMHS Health Classes

Every semester Wake YAT presents to all 9th grade health classes at WMHS and is expanding these peer--to-peer lessons to 7th & 8th graders at Galvin.  Students learn from their peers about the risks of vaping and discuss social norms that show most students are making the healthy

Positive Social Norming Campaign

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