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YATL mission statement

YATL’s work together and with community partners on projects such as the creation of vaping prevention videos for parents/faculty/staff, the conduction of Sticker Shock at liquor stores in Town, and giving presentations to the Board of Health & to DA’s Opioid Prevention Task Force.

YATL’s work with their peers in the Galvin and High School via Youth Action Team Clubs.  They engage Galvin students in how to be “Above the Influence”.  They invent creative ways (“News Flush & Bathroom Buzz) to get important health info and Youth Risk Behavior Survey data to Galvin and High School students.  They create fun, interactive, peer-to-peer presentations to further the health prevention message for 7th-9th graders via health classes.  

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L-R = Braden Carroll, Maggie Leone, Riley Suntken, Alexis Manzi, Elena Greco (2021-22 YATLs)

2023-24 Wakefield Youth Action Team Member Bios

Wisely Chea

Being a leader in the Youth Action Team is a privilege.  I enjoy doing anything to help my town!  I also love meeting new people which is a great part of being a YAT leader.  I enjoy doing track and overall doing physical activity, being around friends, and hanging out with my family.  In the future, I would like to pursue a medical career.

Luke Greif

I like being a member of YAT because I want to be a part of the community and contribute to making it better and I enjoy helping people out. I am a captain for both tennis and golf and love to hang out with friends and watch sports as well. In the future I would like to study business.

Alexis Manzi

I love playing soccer and lacrosse but soccer is my favorite sport. I also manage the girls' basketball team. I spend my free time hanging out with my friends. I enjoy being a YATL because I like helping the community of Wakefield become a healthier place. In the future I would like to become a nurse.

Grace McHugh 

I am a senior at WMHS and this will be my third year as a YATL.  My favorite thing about YAT is being able to make a difference in our community with my peers who love to do the same! In the future I hope to work in business, specifically marketing. In my free time I swim, play basketball, and love to hang out with my friends! 🙂

Trevor Veilleux 

I am about to start 11th grade. I joined YAT after having a great experience in middle school and I have always wanted to improve my community. In my free time, I play hockey and tennis.

Riya Patel 

I am a Junior at WMHS. I joined the YAT in 7th grade and have been a leader since my freshman year. My favorite part of being in this club is the opportunities I get to better my community. I love photography, spending time with friends, and traveling. In the future, I want to pursue a career in business and finance.

Abby Hodgdon

I love being a part of the Youth Action Team because I enjoy seeing the positive impact that I am making on my community! On top of the Youth Action Team, I am also class treasurer, secretary of the National Art Honor Society, and captain of the Field Hockey team! In my free time, I enjoy going to the beach, hanging out with my friends, and playing field hockey. I’m not completely sure what I want to do in the future, but I hope to pursue something in the neuroscience and psychology fields!

Alannah Schuster

I love to play the piano and enjoy reading interesting books on Biology.  I also love to be with my friends and go on many adventures with them.  I have goals to one day become a doctor and help treat kids.

Rosella Buscaino

I love dancing and being involved in school clubs. In my free time, I enjoy going to the beach, hanging with my friends, and listening to music. In the future, I hope to go to college and major in business or law.

Sienna Catizone

I love being a member of YAT because I feel that I am making a difference in my community and working on projects that help people I care about. In my free time, I enjoy playing tennis, working as a lifeguard, and spending time with my friends and family. I’m not fully sure what I want to pursue in the future but most likely an area in business.

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